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Editor in Chief
Takao Nishizaki
I hold a BS in Marketing and have an MBA in Healthcare Management. My experience includes over 10 years of business development and marketing in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. My areas of expertise are in business development, sales, marketing with special interests in areas of: healthcare writing, medical web content, physician practice and hospital web content, medical marketing, market research, medical blogs, SEO and healthcare articles.

Daiki Yamanokuchi – Companies
I’m a PHD holder, Chartered Accountant. Currently working in PWC , one of the big four auditing/accountancy firms in the world and teaching students in evening classes at accountancy college . Possess in depth understanding of the academic subjects and hand on practical experience of 5 years.   Also,a Doctorate in natural sciences with 7 years experience as Academic writer/researcher.  Get World-class Paper writing services,proofreading to ensure correct grammar and a flawless APA, MLA, Harvard or other citation style?

Eiji Inami – Games
Over 8 years of experience as a Forest Service district wildlife biologist, writing technical reports, public service announcements, newspaper ad.’s, television and radio commercials, interpretive signs, and public disclosure documents. Former volunteer winter naturalist for the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  Military experience as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps’ Direct Air Support Center.  Commercially rated helicopter pilot with flight instructor certificate.  One year of health care training, including human anatomy and physiology, patient care, and radiographic physics.

Kei Inoshima – Gadgets
I hold a BS in Marketing and have a MBA in Healthcare Management. My experience incorporates more than 10 years of business advancement and advertising in the medicinal services and pharmaceutical commercial ventures. My ranges of skill are good to go improvement, deals, advertising with unique premiums in zones of: social insurance composing, restorative web content, doctor practice and web content, medicinal promoting, statistical surveying, therapeutic web journals, SEO and human services articles.