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In the information services market, “Keizai News” has been presented since 2008.

The editorial department is a team of professional journalists, photo and video editors, a creative group of people who fill the Internet resource with exclusive materials. Our online edition has repeatedly been honored with awards for the best content of the resource and prompt delivery of news.

To date, “Keizai News” has a large reach not only to the audience of island Japan – we are read both in Japan and abroad. The audience of “Keizai News” is multifaceted and is always in the know about the events. We continue to be a primary supplier of fresh, timely, up-to-date news and interesting publications.

New achievements, unexpected events, entertainment events, cardinal changes in the country and society can be quickly and reliably learned about all this on the pages of the website “Keizai News”. We work for you!

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Keizai News
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